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Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is very effective marketing now a day. You can advertise your product or service to 5000 million people worldwide and 10 million Bangladeshi people. Facebook advertisement cost is little bit advance and different from other advertisement cost procedure. If you spend 500 dollar for advertising and if you spend .10 dollar per click then you will get 5000 visitor in your website and get around 0.2+ million peoples page impression. Creatohub IT Solutions helps you to setup the process. Our charges start from 105 taka/dollar. You have to pay minimum 5 dollar for Facebook Marketing.

Dollar ($) AmmountRunning DaysRate (BDT)
$5- $93-5 Days৳105
$10- $155-7 Days৳102
$16- $205-10 Days৳99
$21- $405-15 Days৳95
$41- $505-20 Days৳92
$51- $1005-30 Days৳89
$100+5-30 Days৳86

Note: We are not provide any graphics with this rate. If you need Graphics design for post, cover or other boost, you will pay extra fee according our graphics pricing. See our Graphics pricing, Click here

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